Two gals, one plump, one with glasses.

She is a little plump. Her punisher is much more so. No skinnies here. First he toys with her ass with the cane, but he quickly increases the strength with which he strikes. She has a bit of bush. Now he brings out the bigger cane and her pussy flaps in the breeze as he brings it to bear. She seems like a newcomer to punishment, but I will bet she will grow to like it as many of our girls do. Until then, though, she is going to hurt! Our heavy instructor brings a blonde with glasses to punishment. He gives lessons to our plump little doll on how to administer the cane. What an avid pupil she is! Now both of them get it at the same time. He makes them bounce together as they grow closer.

natural twig lash enters the scene

Formally dressed young blonde mishandled by primly dressed matron in black. First few smacks to bare cheeks are by hand on a standing victim. Otk is next for a maid-dressed young lady who has apparently disobeyed the house rules. No disappointment when it comes to the tools of punishment which will certainly be applied. In addition to paddle and cane which we commonly see, this punishment includes a natural cat, a twig from a tree with numerous thin stalks at its tip. This has to hurt, and the wincing victim confirms that, as do the red stripes which are left behind. Plenty of views of pussy as well.

Tattooed butt, red strap; red butt to match.

This guy likes his tools. He is kind of a spanking techie. She wonders what he is up to, but soon finds out. Off come all her clothes and he uses his leather and wood in turn as he turns her poor, tender butt rosy. He pinches her butt cheeks after a while and we can tell he is getting more into it. She is made to drape her middle over a footstool with her head and arms on the floor. He takes full advantage of this position and uses his new red strap to add color to her tattooed butt.

direct hit to clit.

Woman on woman, otk. But when she stands up and picks up the strap, our unfortunate victim moans. A second girl stands for her punishment as our mistress brings the strap sharply to bear. Asses redden as she scolds the two of them, Legs are spread and pussies are vulnerable as the riding crop is used high on the thighs, dangerously close to one hairy bush. But close isnt enough. Her pussy is deliberately, repeatedly struck with the riding crop. She even seems to be aiming right for the clitoris. We don’t see wooden paddles as often as leather ones, but they do seem to sting from these girls reactions. Our mistress enjoys bringing color to these two girls four cheeks with whichever instrument she selects.

Harder punished than most.

She protests having her panties pulled down. The protest falls on deaf ears as her ass is completely exposed. She does not get off easy as her ass becomes not just red, but rosy. She will have bruises and welts for days after this caning. To say he appreciates his work is an understatement – he is an artist and her butt is his canvas. She gets to use the shower and we see her washing her damaged butt. We can tell that she will not seek to repeat whatever behavior got her into this predicament. Unless she is a complete fool.

What a time to do homework!

Matronly woman delivers bare butt spanking otk. But, you guessed it, that phase ends and instruments are brought to bear. Thighs suffer in this one in addition to butt cheeks. Lots of ows in this video as woman punishes this girls ass, all the while she is writing on notepaper as part of her punishment. She bends over in the middle of the floor and touches her toes to get in position for the cane. That hurts, says she. Well of course it does. That is the point, is it not? Knickers at ankles, the cane splashes across her naked bottom.

Woman with glasses and two others.

Three women. Woman with glasses enjoys whacking with different paddles, eliciting shouts of pain with each, while third female helps hold her down. Cane follows, as usual, as they discuss how many strokes she should get. They decide on a tentative number and then begin. I dont know what is so sexy about a woman with glasses doing hot stuff, but it is a fact. We also see flashes of mistresses pussy as her legs part during the punishment. This victim really suffers as mistress shows no mercy and enjoys beating her and ordering her about. The cane really stings. Welts ensue and punishment is over, but not before the damage is done.

More than red, spankmaster brings welts to both these lovelies.

There is something about a young blonde girl getting spanked by our spankmaster. He has the best job in the house. How could he not enjoy bringing his bare hand down on her naked butt while his second victim looks on with apprehension. Number two doesnt really seem to understand what she is in for as she smiles, perhaps arrogantly. But she will soon learn what is to come for her as well. While the paddle makes her ass red, the cane will bring welts for us to see. They start as stripes, but the harder he hits, the riper the welts become. Spankmaster does it right – on both of these pretty blondes.

Asian lesbian and her mistress, plus a surprise.

It seems this spanker has not so much experience. She does get into it with both hands and does not spare her wriggling victim whose trimmed pussy peeks out at us. The thin paddle causes pain, and when mistress hits pretty girl hard and she cries out, mistress offers some comfort. Standing beside her victim she uses the cane up and down her thighs, and even in her trimmed little bush. We can tell that pretty girl is apprehensive as the punishment progresses. Mistress takes off her bra and continues to cane pretty girls thighs. And now the payoff: pretty girl is made to eat mistresses shaved pussy and play with it. Both seem to really enjoy this, as will you. Guess who will also get spanked!